Myth Making

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Learn how the ground-breaking study on cognitive bias can help your team(s) avoid costly mistakes. In this course, you’ll discuss how to recognize faulty thinking, inflated self-assessments, recognize blind spots, and discover business myths that often masquerade as facts - precisely because they feel like facts. If there’s one course every company should take, it is this course on organizational myth making.



  • Introduction to the Dunning Kruger Effect

  • Case Study on human wrongness

  • Explore the root cause of faulty thinking

  • Observe how ill-informed ideas can spread like a virus

  • How the Dunning Kruger Effect manifests at work

  • Important tools and insights on overcoming the all-too-common Dunning Kruger Effect at work

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Social Awareness

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Social awareness is the key to developing relationships with colleagues and clients. This module helps associates strengthen certain social awareness skills that will enhance professional relationships.



  • Duties while distracted

  • How do distractions affect business outcomes?

  • Is it me?

  • How rude are we?

  • How to build social awareness

    • o   Develop empathy

    • Pick up on social cues

    • Be part of your community

  • How to address the fidgetter

  • If you’re part of the problem

  • What to do this week

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Self-Awareness, Scents & Self-Confidence

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This module focuses on self-awareness and scents. From wearing too much perfume or cologne, essential oils, or excessive body odor - we explore the role of scents and self-confidence and being considerate of others. Excessive odors can be both distracting and off-putting.



  • We all know “that person” with the overpowering scent

  • What are they trying to say?

  • In what ways is too much fragrance inconsiderate

    of others?

  • Beyond inconvenience; headaches, nausea, asthma

  • Exercise: What’s that smell?

  • Did you know? Facts to consider. 

  • The function of fragrance

  • How to address the offender

  • How to avoid too much smell

  • This week: what to do

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