Myth Making

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Learn how the ground-breaking study on cognitive bias can help your team(s) avoid costly mistakes. In this course, you’ll discuss how to recognize faulty thinking, inflated self-assessments, recognize blind spots, and discover business myths that often masquerade as facts - precisely because they feel like facts. If there’s one course every company should take, it is this course on organizational myth making.



  • Introduction to the Dunning Kruger Effect

  • Case Study on human wrongness

  • Explore the root cause of faulty thinking

  • Observe how ill-informed ideas can spread like a virus

  • How the Dunning Kruger Effect manifests at work

  • Important tools and insights on overcoming the all-too-common Dunning Kruger Effect at work


  • Demonstrate functional knowledge of cognitive biases & data fallacies that affect personal and professional life.

  • Analyze personal strengths and assess bias risks, then make an action plan to manage that bias.

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