The Bike-Shed Effect

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Solving difficult problems is hard work - and often, individuals and teams can fall into the trap of Bike-Shedding - that is to say, focusing on trivial things at the expense of more important things. Learn how to recognize the signs of Bike-Shedding and what to do about it.



  • The case of the nuclear power plant and a bike shed

  • Parkinson’s Law of Triviality

  • Bike-shedding at its finest (worst)

  • How to invoke the Bike-Shed metaphor

  • How to stop Bike-Shedding

  • How to tackle difficult tasks efficiently

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The Trouble with Multitasking

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This module sheds light on some rather common mistakes and faulty thinking that lead to multi-tasking.  In this presentation you’ll demonstrate quick and powerful object lessons to illustrate the mental drag of context switching and its cost to productivity.



  • To do two things at once is to do neither (Syrus)

  • It’s easy to confuse being busy with being productive

  • The culprit: faulty thinking

  • Demonstration of fast and slow thinking (object lesson)

  • The cost of context switching

  • What’s really happening

  • Tools for mono-tasking

  • Understand the barriers to switching tasks

    • Recognize multi-tasking feels like productivity

    • Identify, eliminate, & manage distractions

    • Learn to filter priorities

    • Focused time allocation

    • Helpful responses to the unexpected

  • Group discussion on ways to better mono-task


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