Navigating Change

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On a simply human level, change is hard. Organizationally, it can be harder, still. In this module, learn from some fascinating case studies where some global organizations made small but vital changes to adapt to outside factors. With a brilliantly designed group simulation exercise, your team will develop a deeper appreciation for the struggles found in running a department or a business. Reduce the organizational drag often found when teams resist change as they discover a new-found empathy for what its like to navigate new frontiers.



  • A look at the only true constant, everything changes

  • Explore the psychology of change and why it’s difficult

  • Examine two case studies where industry icons adapted

  • Tips on overcoming the fear of change at work

  • Choose between two simulated exercises, offering your team a hands-on experience with running a department or business

  • Learn new tools to better adapt to change

  • How to make the best of the unexpected

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