Part 2

More Effective Meetings (Part 2)

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Two factors determine whether your meetings are saving or costing you money: what gets done in the meeting and the energy and focus your team feels after the meeting. Unfortunately, meetings can be one of the most misused tools in a company’s arsenal.

With this module, you will explore two aspects of meeting etiquette that bear directly on the quality of your meetings: respect for people’s time and attention. Learn how to get the most out of meetings by eliminating them where possible and channeling them when necessary. Through the use of some comical examples, poignant object lessons, and breakout exercises, discover where your team thrives and what they need.



  • Explore how the thoughtful use of time and attention can improve the quality and reduced quantity of your meetings.

  • Comical example of meeting attendees attitudes and behaviors.

  • Discuss what a good meeting looks like for your team.

  • See what industry leaders say about what organizers and participants can do to make the most of their time in meetings.

  • Experience a powerful object lesson on distraction and attention.

  • Useful tools you can use today to improve your meetings.

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