A recent Harvard Business Review study found that nobody likes to work with jerks.  Go figure.

They studied what happened when employees deal with rude coworkers, annoying habits, or poor behavior - Or as our mommies would say, Bad manners.  They found employees in these environments don’t work as hard as they could ... and they don’t stick around for long, either..

Luckily for you, your business has an unlimited supply of money.  It grows on little ficus trees in the employee lounge. You should check it out.

Sadly, some businesses don’t have ficus money trees and they’re concerned about these costs - and they don’t know how to fix it because they can’t identify the problem.  

Because people don’t usually think of manners as having much to do with business.  

But the truth is:

So how do you teach employees good manners?  Well you can’t, but we can!

The Cost of Bad Manners.png

We have a series of illustrated stories that will break the ice on problem behaviors that disrupt company culture and get people talking - and laughing.  Each illustrated story comes with a micro-training module that compliments that manner and provides practical and tactical skills.

So if you see one of these businesses that have limited money and don’t like to lose it, will you tell them that we have a great solution to deal with those costs?  

No, we don’t sell money ficus trees, we sell solutions.  

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The Rising Cost of Incivility

An illustrated story about how manners can cost or make you money.

So you have a business? Or maybe you want to start one.  Maybe you work at a business and you want to make the most of it.  The first thing you need to know is manners have no effect on business.  

Customers are the most forgiving and loyal people.  Yell in their face, call them names, treat them like dirt, and they’ll be back for more tomorrow - not a single online posting a devastating review that goes viral.  And even if they did, so what? It’s not like anyone actually reads reviews.

Rude Woman.png

Let’s not forget the role of manners in the workplace - there is none.  That’s the beauty of workplaces. It’s a magical place where you can say and do anything with no consequences.  

cost of civility 4.png

Employees are little different than computers.  They have no feelings, standards, or sensitivities.  You can trust them to operate at peak performance regardless of the conditions of the work environment.  

If you this happens to you:

  • You’re not alone.  According to ___ __% of ___ results in ___.

  • One of the causes of incivility is the lack of certain skills that improve both performance and culture.

  • Take our Business Manners Can Be Fun courses

If you do this:

FridgeRaider Title.png

This is a story about stealing other people’s food.

You work hard and you’re busy. You don’t have time to make yourself a lunch every day! But all that hard work can work up quite an appetite. Sometimes, when no one’s looking, it’s fun to explore the company fridge like a tomb raider hunting for treasure.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that sandwiches taste better when someone else makes them...


...But desserts taste better when they belong to someone else.

Though you may never confront those whose lunches you’re eating, you’re helping them manage their weight! That means you’re kind of like their nutritionist. You should let them know who you are. Maybe they’ve been meaning to thank their mystery helper.



  • Send a company-wide email: “Whoever took my lunch, please contact me immediately. It had medicine in it and you need to talk to a doctor.”

  • Contamination: place decoy food loaded with salt and/or other ingredients.

  • Set up a hidden camera.

  • You and other associates can work together to stake-out the kitchen.


  • Talk to a licensed professional.

  • Ask your parents for lunch money.

  • Watch the food channel and learn how to make your own meals. It’s easier than you think!