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Webinar Recording (1.23.19)

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The Cost of Incivility

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This module explores several facets of incivility and its effect on team dynamics.



  • Recognizing the many faces of incivility

  • Group exercise: identifying/classifying uncivil behavior

  • Understanding the price of incivility

  • Social experiment (3 videos)

  • The collateral effect of incivility

  • Exploring the root cause of incivility

  • Toxic culture assessment

  • Understanding the difference between toxic and hostile

  • Preventing/repairing hostile work environments

  • Addressing the root cause of incivility

  • How the BMCBF series works

Course Introduction

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Additional Curated Content


We’ve curated some of our favorite TED talks on the topic of workplace incivility. As you explore its impact on your business and how you might address this with your team, these thought leaders can provide additional insights.


Additional Resources

One of our favorite no-nonsense thought leaders, Simon Sinek discusses factors that influence job satisfaction, longevity, and employee retention.