Workshop Module Overview

Our team has been in the L&D space for over 30 years and one thing we’ve learned over the years is that meaningful engagement before, during and after a training event has occurred is vital.


This introductory module explores several facets of incivility and its effect on team dynamics.


  • Recognizing the many faces of incivility

  • Group exercise: identifying/classifying uncivil behavior

  • Understanding the price of incivility

  • Social experiment (3 videos)

  • The collateral effect of incivility

  • Exploring the root cause of incivility

  • Toxic culture assessment

  • Understanding the difference between toxic and hostile

  • Preventing/repairing hostile work environments

  • Addressing the root cause of incivility

  • How the BMCBF series works


This module sheds light on some rather common mistakes and faulty thinking that lead to multi-tasking.  In this presentation you’ll demonstrate quick and powerful object lessons to illustrate the mental drag of context switching and its cost to productivity.


  • To do two things at once is to do neither (Syrus)

  • It’s easy to confuse being busy with being productive

  • The culprit: faulty thinking

  • Demonstration of fast and slow thinking (object lesson)

  • The cost of context switching

  • What’s really happening

  • Tools for mono-tasking

  • Understand the barriers to switching tasks

    • Recognize multi-tasking feels like productivity

    • Identify, eliminate, & manage distractions

    • Learn to filter priorities

    • Focused time allocation

    • Helpful responses to the unexpected

  • Group discussion on ways to better mono-task


We’ve all heard Henry Ford’s wise observation, “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.” That kind of sage thinking played a vital role in his company that would soon become a world leader in auto manufacturing. Mr. Ford understood that mindsets are a lot like what happens with accumulating interest … the savvy people earn it, the not-so-savvy pay it.

Our mindsets play a vital role in our ability to see and solve problems, or flounder in disbelief and denial. In this module, we explore the price of negativity and the benefits of being positive.

This is not an esoteric course, but rather digs into the practical and tactical aspects of producing results while guarding against counterproductive mindsets and channeling negative energy into a productive tool for growth.


  • Industry research and observations on the financial toll of negative mindsets

  • A closer look on the financial and opportunity costs of negativity

  • Signs that negative mindsets are turning toxic

  • How to productively manage negativity

  • The cost of negativity in personal & professional relationships

  • Group and individual exercises to assess the tendency to be negative