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A Harvard Business School study showed that 66% of people who witness toxic behavior in the workplace see their performance decline, impacting productivity and the company’s bottom line.

VWS is working to positively impact company culture and employee health through our microtraining modules - all aimed at helping organizations develop higher work IQ’s, improved decision-making skills, and enhanced empathy.

In this complimentary workshop, you’ll experience 2 of our most popular micro learning modules on the following topics:

The Cost of Incivility

An introductory course that explores several facets of incivility and its effect on team dynamics.

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How to break multi-tasking’s illusion of productivity and gain productive control.

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Salt Lake City / Draper, Utah

WHEN: May 21, 2019

WHERE: Spectra Benefits

75 West Towne Ridge Parkway

Tower 2, Suite 400

Sandy, UT 84070

TIME: 8:30 AM to Noon



Who is this workshop for?

  • People Managers

  • Department Heads

  • HR Professionals

  • Corporate Trainers / Facilitators

  • L&D Consultants

  • Executives


What Others Are Saying


What to Expect 

Our live workshop is filled with brilliant insights, useful tools, and tips on how to best engage your teams. Rest assured you’ll walk away with quality tools and insights on moving the needle within your organizations.


Brilliant Insights


With a rich backdrop of content, industry experience, and research-based insights, discover new ideas that will enrich your work experience and your teams.

Useful Tools


Each module has useful tools to better understand your team dynamics, solve problems as individuals as well as teams, along with employee surveys to gain important insights.

Insights from Peers


In our break-out sessions, you’ll gain valuable insights from peers who have faced similar challenges. Put your heads together and you’ll soon realize how much you can glean from each other.


Tools You Can Use immediately

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Take our workshop content and try it with your teams.


Your Workshop Facilitator


Chris Kendrick is a consultant, speaker and trainer with two decades experience helping organizations large and small solve the “Culture Equation.”

His work with corporations across the world, like Bank of America, OfficeMax, Ford, Subaru, and American Express give him a unique insight into many of the problems today’s businesses face.

 Chris was a contributing writer on the book The Daily Carrot Principle, a handbook for daily employee recognition.

 In his spare time Chris enjoys photography, 4 children, and…acting!  He was in an episode of “ER” and once had a scene with Anthony Hopkins.  He also once met Bobby Brown in the Dallas Airport.

Very well delivered. (Shared a) passion for the material and relevant examples.

— Tamara Jones, Human Resources Manager, BioWare Austin
One of the conference’s star performers. Chris’s energy and sincerity kept the audience engaged from intro to wrap-up. He balanced humor and serious anecdotes with a personal style that made everyone true believers.
— Chad Jones, Director, Corporate Communication, Questar Corporation

Workshop Module Overview

The Cost of Incivility

An Introductory Course on Team Dynamics

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This introductory module explores several facets of incivility and its effect on team dynamics.


  • Recognizing the many faces of incivility

  • Group exercise: identifying/classifying uncivil behavior

  • Understanding the price of incivility

  • Social experiment (3 videos)

  • The collateral effect of incivility

  • Exploring the root cause of incivility

  • Toxic culture assessment

  • Understanding the difference between toxic and hostile

  • Preventing/repairing hostile work environments

  • Addressing the root cause of incivility

  • How the VWS Training Series works


Workshop Module Overview

The Trouble With Multitasking

How to break multi-tasking’s illusion of PRODUCTIVITY and gain control.

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This module sheds light on some rather common mistakes and faulty thinking that lead to multi-tasking.  In this presentation you’ll demonstrate quick and powerful object lessons to illustrate the mental drag of context switching and its cost to productivity.


  • To do two things at once is to do neither (Syrus)

  • It’s easy to confuse being busy with being productive

  • The culprit: faulty thinking

  • Demonstration of fast and slow thinking (object lesson)

  • The cost of context switching

  • What’s really happening

  • Tools for mono-tasking

  • Understand the barriers to switching tasks

    • Recognize multi-tasking feels like productivity

    • Identify, eliminate, & manage distractions

    • Learn to filter priorities

    • Focused time allocation

    • Helpful responses to the unexpected

  • Group discussion on ways to better mono-task


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