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Illustrated Stories

the Conversation Starter

Our illustrated content offers lighthearted narratives on disruptive manners & toxic behaviors that affect your bottom line.


Microlearning Modules


Each illustrated vignette has a companion microlearning module that are perfect for weekly stand-ups & other staff meetings.

These modules provides 10-15 minutes of engaging, informative, and useful content designed to empower your team


Business Manners Can Be Fun Helps You

  • Start important conversations on important topics

  • Learn vital behaviors that affect customer outcomes

  • Develop new skills to close performance gaps

  • Improve cultures of teamwork and accountability

  • Provide a framework for meaningful, lasting change

Vital Topics That Affect Your Business

  • Customer Service

  • Talent Retention

  • Leadership

  • Toxic Office Politics

  • Office Space

  • Communication

  • Priority Management

  • Meetings

  • Management

  • Dress & Appearance

  • Diversity

  • Remote Meetings

  • Teamwork

  • Productivity

  • Listening

  • Conflict Resolution


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