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A Harvard Business School study showed that 66% of people who witness toxic behavior in the workplace see their performance decline, impacting productivity and the company’s bottom line.

VWS is working to positively impact company culture and employee health through our microtraining modules - all aimed at helping organizations develop higher work IQ’s, improved decision-making skills, and enhanced empathy.

In this complimentary workshop, you’ll experience one of our most popular micro learning modules:

The Cost of Incivility

An introductory course that explores several facets of incivility and its effect on team dynamics.

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DAY: May TBA, 2019

TIME: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM MST

  • I'd heard of these micro-modules and was curious. Now that I've taken 2 of them, I feel they're invaluable to having a productive and happy workplace.

  • Intelligent.  Useful.  Beautifully presented.  A work of instructional art.

  • These modules are short enough where your attention is still intact, and you learn valuable information that is needed to everyone in the organization.

  • All backed by prominent research.  Loved it!

  • Very helpful!

  • Better than expected.

  • So good.  Thanks for keeping on time!

  • Great content.  Great speaker.

  • I loved the clear examples on screen and the time to discuss.

  • Engaging!

  • Questions and discussions kept me engaged throughout the workshop.

  • Definitely worth my time!

  • These are necessary for the workplace and the thought of not having had them makes me wonder how we've made it this far.

  • Always good to see I’m not alone.

  • Awesome morning!


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